SLIANZ - Promoting high standards of practice and integrity

SLIANZ founder Rachel McKee introduces SLIANZ:

SLIANZ is a national, non-profit, association that represents professional sign language interpreters in New Zealand.

The mission of SLIANZ is to advance the profession by informing members and consumers, and to promote high standards of professional practice and integrity among its members. SLIANZ offers continuing professional development, advocates for appropriate working conditions for interpreters, and is a representative voice on issues relevant to sign language interpreting.

SLIANZ recognises New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) as the preferred language of the New Zealand Deaf community and respects the diversity of communication mode and cultural orientation of all consumers of interpreting services.

SLIANZ has signed a Joint Statement with Deaf Aotearoa NZ expressing a shared commitment to increasing the number of qualified interpreters, and recognising the primacy of DANZ in advocating for the rights of Deaf people.

This statement of partnership reflects goals of the World Federation of the Deaf. SLIANZ supports high standards of interpreting access for the Deaf community through offering professional development, a code of ethics, a complaints procedure, and advocating for the use of qualified interpreters.

The SLIANZ website contains information about the Code of Ethics and the Complaints Procedure is available in NZSL.

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