The Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand (SLIANZ Inc) is a national, non-profit, association that represents professional sign language interpreters in New Zealand.

It was formed in 1995.

The mission of SLIANZ is to advance the profession by informing members and consumers, and to promote high standards of professional practice and integrity among its members.

SLIANZ fulfils its mission by reinforcing formal training and qualification as the standard for entry to the profession, by offering continuing professional development, by advocating for appropriate working conditions for interpreters, and by providing a representative voice on issues relevant to sign language interpreting in New Zealand.

SLIANZ recognises New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) as the preferred language of the New Zealand Deaf community and respects the diversity of communication mode and cultural orientation of all consumers of interpreting services.

To promote understanding of professional interpreting standards nationally and internationally, SLIANZ maintains formal relationships with the key consumer organisation Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand, and with allied professional organisations, New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters, Australian Sign Language Interpreters' Association, and World Association of Sign Language Interpreters.


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