You can become a full (ordinary) member of SLIANZ if you are a qualified NZSL interpreter. However, if you are not a qualified NZSL interpreter, you can still become an associate member and support our organisation and its aims. Organisations can also join as associate corporate members.

See the online membership application form.

As an Ordinary member of SLIANZ, we require you to partake in a minimum of four (4) professional development events per year. If you are currently an Ordinary member, please make sure you fill in a PD form for each event.

What we offer

  • A professional voice for our members
  • A Directory of qualified interpreters
  • Annual conferences and professional development
  • Newsletter
  • Mentoring programme
  • Formal complaints procedure to safeguard consumers and interpreters

As per section 4 of the SLIANZ constitution, the decision of the committee as to eligibility of any applicant for membership shall be final and conclusive.

The classes of membership offered are:

  • Ordinary Individual
  • Associate Individual
  • Honorary membership
  • Associate Corporate membership

Ordinary Individual Members (aka "Full members") shall be those members who hold a recognised sign language interpreting qualification from New Zealand or another accrediting body recognised by the Association.

Under exceptional circumstances, the committee may, at its discretion, waive or vary.

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