(Adopted on 22nd July 2012)

Deaf Aotearoa, as the representative body of Deaf people in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand (SLIANZ), as the national representative body of the sign language interpreting profession, are pleased to issue the following statement to support their agreement to work in close partnership for the future benefit of Deaf people who use New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), and the NZSL interpreting profession. This coincides with the agreement set forward by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and the World Association of Sign Language interpreters (WASLI ).

The Vision of Deaf Aotearoa is Equality for Deaf in Aotearoa New Zealand

The values of Deaf Aotearoa include the advancement of human rights for Deaf people, celebrating New Zealand Sign Language and working with Dedication, Discipline and Determination to strengthen the rights of Deaf people.

The mission of SLIANZ is to represent and advance the profession of sign language interpreting by informing members and consumers, and promoting high standards of practice and integrity in the field.

SLIANZ recognises New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) as the indigenous language of the New Zealand Deaf community and respects the diversity of communication modes and cultural orientations of all consumers of the interpreting service.

We will strive to increase learning opportunities to increase the number of professional sign language interpreters who are competent and appropriately qualified to national standards

We affirm the importance of collaboration, close liaison and transparent communication between the Deaf community and NZSL interpreters in New Zealand.

We will pay particular attention to the development of national links in order to build capacity, provide a forum for discussion and share resources among Deaf people and NZSL interpreters.

This agreement recognises the primacy of Deaf Aotearoa to advance the political, cultural, and educational rights of deaf people in Aotearoa New Zealand. It also recognises the primacy of SLIANZ to advance the profession and rights of New Zealand Sign Language interpreters.

SLIANZ and Deaf Aotearoa

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