SLIANZ Interpreters are required to achieve a total of 16 points worth of PD per year.

A minimum of 12 points must be directly related to interpreting proficiency, language development skills, and/or the interpreting profession.

Complimentary skills based PD that is not directly related to interpreting can count towards the total requirement, but will be capped at 4 points.


The PD activities that interpreters undertake will be classed into 5 categories. Each year it is compulsory that interpreters satisfy a minimum of 2 categories from the 5. A minimum achievement of 2 points will satisfy each category. The 5 categories are:

Ethics of the profession

Language proficiency (NZSL / English)

Interpreting Practice

Contribution to the profession

Deaf community/culture.

Interpreters will have some discretion as to which category they would like the PD activity to be counted towards. For example, if a workshop covers both NZSL proficiency and Deaf community / culture. The interpreter can nominate either category. However, one activity cannot generally be used to fulfil more than one category at the same time (except for full-time study).

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