Interpreters can be contacted directly via our Directory. Some interpreters can also be contacted via a booking agency.

Contacting Interpreters Directly

SLIANZ maintains a national Directory of qualified members which can be found on this website. The Directory contains contact information for interpreters as well as their declared speciality areas. This list can be searched by name, by region, or by work preference.

All SLIANZ ordinary members are fully qualified New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters, and commit to abide by the profession’s Code of Ethics. Note that individual interpreters may have their own terms and conditions.

Booking Agency

A booking agency will contact and book the sign language interpreter on your behalf. They have a pool of interpreters on their books who work for them and who may also work independently. The booking agency will handle the invoicing as well as organising any preparation material the interpreter may need to complete the assignment.

They will charge a booking fee in addition to the sign language interpreter’s fee. Terms and conditions may vary depending on the agency.

Information on sign language interpreter booking agencies in your area can be found online.

For more information on how to work with an interpreter see  "working with an interpreter"

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